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Custom Training for Utilities and Energy Companies

Custom training for utilities and energy companies. Online interactive e-learning and videos crafted for your custom needs, with three differences: Fast, fun and actually fits your budget.

Did you know that most e-learning providers (the same people who created your compliance training) typically charge upwards of $30k for a single hour of content. Think that is crazy? So do we!

At Regulatory Learning Lab, we use the same technologies and specialized software but because we actually understands this industry, we can deliver better projects for a tiny fraction of the typical fees.

Regulatory Learning Lab is unique because we specialize in the energy industry and really know our stuff. This allows us to offer a one-time, fixed fee projects and complete them within two weeks. Most projects kick off on Mondays and wrap up exactly 14 days later with your final, polished course ready to go.

Really? Yes we really do go from kick off to your final Learning Management System (LMS) or web-based course ready to roll out that fast.

The best part. You own the final course and get the source files. So you pay once and can train your people forever (or at least for a very long time).   

How does it all work?

Creating a course or micro-training involves two stages: design and development. The design is like the architect drawing the blue prints while the development is like the construction crew building the new home.

Traditional e-learning providers fall apart because they don’t build homes for this industry.

They appoint any available project manager. Probably someone who just wrapped up a course for a pharmaceutical company or a cosmetics line.

They try their best… but without understanding of energy companies, the project drags on for months and sucks away countless hours going back and forth with your busy subject matter experts. Since they don’t have a pulse on utility trends, they are also unable to offer valuable suggestions or research leading practices.

What kinds of projects do we take on?

If it is happening at a utility, regulator or energy company, we have got you covered. Here is a sampling of project areas to give you a flavor. The size can range from micro-training video explainers to full development of an online e-course for your unique needs.

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If it happens at an energy company, we can help!

Can you show me a sample?

You bet. We believe boring training is ineffective training. If people aren’t paying attention, they aren’t learning. That’s why Regulatory Learning Lab is intentional about using a variety of innovative teaching techniques and even animation and vignettes to make the material memorable.

Check out the portfolio section to browse a range of creative styles we use. We have an extremely extensive toolbox and pick just the right approach for your custom project. We do the following and more:

  • Quizzes
  • Gamification elements
  • Interactive exploration of equipment
  • Storytelling principles
  • Media variety (from cartoon to realistic imagery)
  • Voice overs
  • You name it. This is a small sampling of what we can do. If you don’t see quite what you are looking for, just ask.

Not sure if your project is a good fit? Let’s meet for coffee to chat about your idea. In the mean time, browse the portfolio and get some great things, for free!