Three Regulatory Books for Anyone Wanting to Go Deeper

Three Regulatory Books for Anyone Wanting to Go Deeper

Here are three books I recommend to colleagues interested in gaining a deeper understanding of regulatory principles

Principles of Public Utility Rates by James Bonbright & Alberta Danielsen

Widely considered the bible for regulatory, it provides deep well researched content. Highly recommended for those looking to attain expert level as the book is quite pricey (nearly $200 last time I checked) and with that many pages, its not for the faint of heart.

Energy Utility Rate Setting by Lowell E Alt Jr.

This is a quick an easy read that I have often recommended to my accounting staff. It’s a great introduction to revenue requirement, rate base, cost of capital and tariff policies. And at around $6 on kindle, the price is right.

Regulating Public Utility Performance by Scott Hempling

Written by a lawyer but try not to hold that against him J because the text is jam packed with cases and will give you an enhanced lens from which to think through your regulatory business.