The Regulatory Learning Lab Origin Story

“It shouldn’t have been this hard”

By Carolyn Scissons, CEO Regulatory Learning Lab

During my corporate career including my most recent experience as Director of Regulated Accounting and Finance, it was way too hard to find relevant utility professional development for my staff. The few we did find were offered infrequently, were far away or required sitting through countless hours of material that didn’t apply to us. Many people even resigned themselves to accepting that it would take a new hire a year to really get up to speed on the unique aspects of rate regulated entities.  

Carolyn Scissons, CPA, CMA, CIA, PMP. CEO Regulatory Learning Lab - Utility training and regulatory upskilling

I decided to do something about it.

My background already included extensive academic research focused on how utilities can get better outcomes by investing in human capital. My graduate work had been shared in the 3 Minute Thesis global competition which has Phd and graduate students condense thousands of pages of research into a succinct presentation for a panel of esteemed judges. In addition to academics, I knew the day-to-day tactical pitfalls my colleagues were facing year after year during budget season and especially when they tried to compile and defend regulatory rate applications.

Since I had accumulated over 24,900 hours in finance, largely focused on utilities and rate regulated activities, I knew my expertise and the practical know-how from my corporate career could help people. I knew people didn’t need to learn it all the hard way, and I had a few other ideas up my sleeve.

Now you may not have noticed, but I’m pretty passionate about education. In addition to formal certifications, over the years I’d also read more than 400 non-fiction books. These taught me accelerated learning strategies and performance techniques that have been weaved into an innovative regulatory training delivery model. Regulatory Learning Lab seminars have been intentionally crafted to give you all my expertise distilled into actionable, engaging, bite-sized hits of training that you can actually use.

Because I know what really happens in utilities, I thoughtfully craft seminars and online training to equip you with the strategies you need and to give you practical techniques you immediately implement to get better outcomes.

My hope in all of this is that you can gain the insights – and especially the confidence – to excel in your utility career. I want to demystify regulatory finance and democratize all the numbers, the balance sheets, the forecasts, all of it. I want to help financial and non-financial people truly understand their utility’s business performance.

Want to elevate your team’s results and get an edge in your career? Looking for ways to boost your utilities performance? Use the link below to schedule a convenient time and we can chat about your unique needs and challenges.

Carolyn Scissons, CPA, CMA, CIA, PMP, MBA. CEO Regulatory Learning Lab. Carolyn@RegulatoryLearningLab.com. Contact Regulatory Learning Lab

With rate cases typically having hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, don’t risk under-investing in the critical financial and regulatory acumen skills your utility needs to effectively manage the unique rate-regulated challenges.  

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