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Annual Report of the US Investor-Owned Electric Utility Industry

Edison Electric Institute publishes an annual finance report that is an excellent resource to use as a comparison point for your own organization’s financial performance. The ~80+ page report is full of interesting metrics and performance measures within the industry. It is good way to evaluate your own utility ROE compared with the overall averages […]

Utility Process Framework

The APQC utility process classification framework is a good place to get an overall picture of all the activities a typical utility. It includes a multi-tab excel worksheet outlining the activity hierarchy and detailed tasks that often fall under this activity. In particular, I would suggest reviewing section 10 related to operating utility assets and […]

State of the Markets Report

A key element of a utility career is keeping up to date with the broader industry trends and developments. Even if you aren’t a power trader, it is still helpful to understand the dynamics beyond the distribution delivery system. The annual State of the Markets report published by FERC offers a 20 page compilation of […]

A coast to coast map of every power plant in the United States

Using the information from the EPA’s e-GRID database, Jeff Desjardins with Visual Capitalist manages to map all the power plants in the United States. They are even colour coded by energy source giving a quick visual of the concentrations in specific regions. It’s a good resource to deepen and broaden your utility business acumen. Here […]

Dynamic Canadian Energy Data Visualization Tools

The Government of Canada through the Canada Energy Regulator has an excellent data visualization tool. I’ve shown a snapshot here but you can visualize all kinds of permutations of our country’s energy statistics. Definitely a resource worth playing around with and adding a bookmark to return to. I especially like the slider allowing you to […]

1.2 Billion People Without Access to Electricity

Living in a country like Canada, there is a lot to be grateful for. Sometimes it easy to take essential services like electricity and natural gas for granted. For all of you working in this field, a big thank you for enabling us all to have reliable access to these necessities. The article published by […]

Three Regulatory Books for Anyone Wanting to Go Deeper

Here are three books I recommend to colleagues interested in gaining a deeper understanding of regulatory principles Principles of Public Utility Rates by James Bonbright & Alberta Danielsen Widely considered the bible for regulatory, it provides deep well researched content. Highly recommended for those looking to attain expert level as the book is quite pricey […]

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