Free Tools and Templates to Deliver Faster, Smoother Rate Cases


Here is a video explaining why you should introduce pre-mortems and a worksheet to help you facilitate your next pre-mortem.

Process Improvement Memory Joggers

18 Tips to Dissect and Improve your Processes OVER-PROCESSING: Spending time perfecting beyond what your customer cares aboutMINIMIZE HANDOFFS: Red flag anytime you hear “lots of back & forth emails”FREQUENCY: Doing activities every day, when once a month would sufficeSKILLS: Using a senior person when work could be done by someone more juniorFAST TRACK: Think […]

Regulatory Acumen Knowledge Map

What is a knowledge map and why do I need one?

A knowledge map identifies the knowledge areas an organization needs to compete in the current landscape and what they will need to remain competitive in the future. A simple SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) can be a helpful prompt to start identifying a company’s knowledge landscape and any gaps in this knowledge. It should capture […]

Waterfall graph template

The waterfall graph is an excellent way to show the variance between two numbers. It allows you to visually depict each of the major variances in an easy to consume picture that highlights the relative impact of each delta. It can be helpful for comparing budget versus actual or for comparing an applied for amount with the […]

2021 Work Plan Template

Project management applications like MS Project can be great if you are trying to do very detailed planning and need to calculate specific critical path timelines, but sometime you just need a simple way to convey a high-level plan. You can use this simple one-page template to communicate your top three priorities for the year […]

Annual Report of the US Investor-Owned Electric Utility Industry

Edison Electric Institute publishes an annual finance report that is an excellent resource to use as a comparison point for your own organization’s financial performance. The ~80+ page report is full of interesting metrics and performance measures within the industry. It is good way to evaluate your own utility ROE compared with the overall averages […]

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